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Custom Remote Sensing in Milton, FL

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Milton, Florida based, Blackwater Air Imagery (BAI) is available for Custom Remote Sensing using AgEagle unmanned aerial systems, with Sentera near infrared cameras to collect field images. Our processed imagery uses the standard shapefile format for full compatibility with most precision ag management softwares available today, such as John Deer Operations Center, SMS and Climate FieldView, by simply importing. Layer the NDVI maps captured from our drones along with other detailed maps within the software you use for that accurate estimate of your field performance, population counts and creating variable rate prescriptions.

Blackwater Air Imagery (BAI), has over 14 years experience in the Tactical UAS world of unmanned operations and is using this experience along with Factory AgEagle training to offer data collection for Precision Agriculture in Santa Rosa County and the surrounding area. I'm insured throughout the entire year through BWI Aviation and I hold FAA certificates as a Private Pilot with a rotorcraft helicopter rating and as a Remote Pilot, which together translate into safe unmanned aircraft data gathering operations at suitable fields! 

With whole field drone imagery from our AgEagles, Field Health Reports and Variable Application Reports can be viewed digitally to allow for quick reaction to problems and to enhance field scouting.

Blackwater Air Imagery is your second set of eyes and the non-traditional technology we utilize can provide a technical point of view for "thinking outside of the box" field management.


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Gather data today to plan for tomorrow

Improve Your Field Performance

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Precision Agriculture

We still maintain and operate "tractor tough" AgEagle systems for custom remote sensing at your site! Monitor plant health throughout the growing season with NDVI maps that BAI can provide. This data will give agronomists, scouts and growers a view of plant health and problems.

Fly your Field!

Interested in improving your Presicion AG program? Try imagery from BAI. Many near infrared pictures would be taken of your field by the advanced Sentera sensors in our AgEagles. These individual pictures are then professionally stitched together for an accurate whole field image and are also processed to view as an NDVI image. 

Data Cloud
The future is now!

BAI uses awesome image stitching and processing services, which is accurate, allows for entire field health details to be viewable, and is able to overlay within your field management software for increased accuracy in estimating yield and stand count..

Field Intelligence

Insects, weeds or disease. Hail damage or stand counts. A Field Health Report of current conditions can be created by BAI aerial imagery. These reports are in an easy to read PDF file and includes weather information! Contact me to discuss your specific field requirements and pricing.

Farm Field
Sod field monitoring

Our fixed wing AgEagles are capable of flying big fields in a safe timely manner. By gathering data from huge acerage sod fields, we can provide an NDVI view of the entire field and create a Digital Scouting Report through our processing service. Zoom in on the data and zoom out at your desk or on your device while on the field. Even print or email a PDF file of the report..

Farm Equipment Parts Repair
Works with your tools.

From the level of data processing we use for our imagery collected, zone maps can be created that easily integrates with the best farm data management software systems available today. This allows for a variable rate prescription to be created based on current field conditions. 

At BAI, we understand the importance of Precision Agriculture in the Santa Rosa county region, now, more than ever.

Blackwater Air Imagery

Milton, FL  32570

Mob: 850-418-1767

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